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I could say something semi-intelligent or interesting here, but I’m not going to. I will come back at some point this weekend and do that, because I do have things to say, but this is more of a quick update because I have not updated in a while, and the other day Heather reminded me that I still have this thing.

Now on to the unimportance:

1. I got twitter! Now I have another website to forget to update!

2. Baby elephant butt. There are no words… actually, there are no words necessary. The picture says it all.


Speaking of Bananas… I think I figured out where all my missing time is going.

I spent, no exaggeration, about four minutes looking at bananas in Wegman’s last night. I’ve decided that my current breakfast habits (pastries, Twizzlers, popsicles, gum) are not cutting it, and I need to eat fruit that is not in loop form with a toucan on the box. Hence, bananas. They’re easy to eat as I’m running out the door, they’re somewhat healthy, and most importantly, they actually taste good. So there I was, standing in front of the banana display last night, somewhat overwhelmed.

Buying bananas is not like buying pop tarts. When you buy pop tarts, you just pick a flavor, grab a box, and eat them whenever. When you buy bananas, you need to make a make a decision: long term commitment or quick fling? Do you go for the green bananas, and wait for them to ripen? What if you buy them too green, but then have to wait to eat them? What happens if you go yellow and don’t eat them right away? Then you need to go back and get more, and figure out what to bake with your overripe bananas. Maybe this is why I was eating my fruit in “by the foot” form…

After a few minutes last night, I found a bunch that was yellow-green and I went for it. At least one of them should be ready in case I want a snack when I get home tonight, and the others should cover me for the rest of the week into the weekend, at which point I’ll probably decide I no longer like bananas and start eating something else.

To bring it back… today at lunch, Annabel and I were talking, and I realized that despite doing relatively nothing, I have no time. Then I realized that it took me four minutes to buy bananas, something that would have taken me about 20 seconds last year when I had more going on. I’ve concluded that most of my time goes to overthinking basic decisions, and that I need to stop thinking so much. To misquote Douglas Adams, time is an illusion, free time doubly so.

I just received an e-mail from “Americas fifth oldest law school in continuous operation” in which they boast that it is located in “the nations 16th largest city.”

At what point do superlatives become superfluous?

In theory, free time is a great thing. When you have a lot of it, there’s no consequence when you waste it. See: the last four months of my life. The problem is, when you suddenly no longer have all the time in the world, you become very annoyed at yourself for “wasting” time. Some people might say that some of the things I’ve done were not useless time wasters, but as I sit here and stare at the pile of law school applications that are “due” soon, I am beginning to regret my insane need to reach the pro level in Wii Bowling and tag all 6100+ songs in iTunes with perfect metadata and album art. Not that I’ve actually accomplished these things, but I could have if I had actually (1) cared a little more, (2) was less lazy about pointless things I don’t really care about and (3) stopped twisting my wrist at the last second.

So what have I been doing? When I think about it, I honestly have no idea. Time just seems to leak. But that’s a subject for another time when I have the free time to ponder. Now, I’m going to write what I came here intending to write, so I can back to what I have to write.


I don’t know how many of you readers watch Jeopardy on a regular basis like I do. In fact, I don’t know if anyone besides Jess even reads this, but that’s not the point ;-) If you have been watching, you would have seen Meredith Robbins on the show for the last five days. Winning Jeopardy four times in a row (SPOILER ALERT: She does not win on today’s show) is pretty cool, but the insane thing is that she got the Final Jeopardy question wrong all four times! On last night’s show, she went into the final round with a guaranteed win based on the amount of money she had, so even though another contestant got the final clue, Meredith still won. This is inspirational for all of us who kick ass at those weird word game categories but choke when asked to put a wager on a topic such as 14th Century Russian Midget Poetry. The weirdest part: tonight she got the question right, but she did not wager enough to win. The moral/life-lesson: what you know is not the only thing that matters, it’s all relative to what others know and what others have. Not really a surprising lesson, but a good reminder from an unlikely source.

Other (not-so)important news: drinking about a gallon of water and listening to a “sounds of nature: ocean” cd is not the best combination. Replacing “ocean” with “thunderstorm” is equally stupid. I’m thinking of calling NASA and getting my living room pimped out with space station style hookups so I don’t need to get up every 90 seconds.

1. Olympic Boxing. It’s like watching real life Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots. I don’t usually watch much (any?) boxing, but when I saw the headgear on, I had to click on the video.

2. All unusual Olympic sports. Trampoline, table tennis and rhythmic gymnastics are some of my favorite things to watch and/or mock. On one hand, these people qualified for the Olympics, which means they must be good. On the other hand, table tennis, really?

3. Heroes. I am about two years behind the rest of the world on this one, but I started watching Heroes from the beginning. I watched a few episodes when it was on originally, but this was pre-DVR so I lost interest and just never finished. Now I can watch both seasons on Netflix on demand, so there are no excuses.

4. Banana smoothies with the hangover supplement from CTB. Enough said.

5. Isabella and Connor. Whatever happened to those two? Everyone is crazy over the new Kidman/Urban offspring, and of course Suri Cruise and her bottle appear daily on all the trashy gossip blogs I read, but whatever happened to the other kids? I feel bad that they have been forgotten. I guarantee that at least one of them develops a drug problem in the next year to get attention.

6. My iPod’s amazing mind reading powers. I think “Green Day” and then I go to shuffle, and what do you know, I only have to skip about 60 songs until a Green Day song comes on. This would be more impressive if I didn’t have hundreds of their songs on my iPod, but I still think it’s something.

7. The Upcoming Birthday Week(s). The hype: We’re kicking off birthday week this Friday night, even though my birthday is not until Monday. We’ll keep the party going until the day before classes. Heather’s 21st is a week from this Friday, so it falls right in the middle. Just think lots of booze and fun. The reality: We’ll drink a few bottles of champagne and pass out before it gets dark. You know, like last week. Then we’ll say we’re never drinking again, and five minutes later we’ll run to the store to buy more because we’ve changed our minds. Repeat.

8. SurftheChannel. We now have internet. We still don’t have cable. That’s ok, because SurftheChannel lets me stay on top of the newest Project Runway episodes and catch up on all the Muppet Babies I’ve missed over the past twenty years.

9. The Wake N’Bacon. So much better than a George Foreman in a rabbit cage. If Michael Scott had one of these, we never would have had one of the best Office episodes ever, but I feel that it’s still an amazing invention.  This is one of those things that I say I want really badly, but I know if I ever used it, I would be sick.  As much as I talk about waking up to the smell of freshly cooked bacon, the reality is that I can not eat meat in the morning.  I’m strictly a toothpaste/coffee for breakfast person.

10. Someecards. I’ve been sending out quite a few of these, there are just so many good ones on the site. I’ve also been getting a few as well. There are tons of topics, ranging from the Olympics, to the Office, to things you can (but shouldn’t) send your parents on their anniversary. This is why I’m no longer allowed to use the internet while intoxicated.  My current favorite:

Bonus. The Sticky “T” Key on my Keyboard. I need to make sure that I actually type a t when I intend to, because it is starting to stick. I just posted this entry, and as I was scanning through it to catch any obvious mistakes, the words “rabbi cage” jumped out at me. That’s just not right.


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