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Posted on: July 16, 2009

Sorry swine flu is visiting more countries this summer than you.

I officially have nothing funny to add today.  I’m in the middle of my mid-afternoon lethargic phase, so  I’m going to finish my diet coke, maybe find some gelato or something else sugary, and focus for a little while longer.


We all know the real reason you were late today is because you were out dressed like a wizard last night for the Harry Potter premiere.

Um.. almost true story.  If wizards wore sweatpants, it would be right on.

Also: “Today, I dropped my keys. Not wanting to lean over and pick them up, I pointed at them and said “Accio.” Then I realized I had tried to use a Harry Potter spell in real life and in public. FML”

This Bastille Day, lets be even more pretentious about ordering wine.

I can’t really bug Meghan about not updating her blog considering I never update mine, so I figured if I start posting here again, I can go back to bothering her!

Every day at work, I send Meghan an ecard from someecards, and every day, she prints it out and hangs it on the wall!  We decided that it would be a good idea for me to send my blog an ecard every day too, to get me back in the habit of updating.

So happy Bastille Day!  I know I plan on enjoying the bottle of wine it took me 15 minutes to open last night because my corkscrew is broken (another reason to go for the screwcap), and I hope you enjoy your day too!

Last January, Lisa and I sat in my living room and developed The List, all the things we had to do in our last semester at Cornell.  We were determined to make our last semester our greatest ever, and I think it’s fair to say we lived up to our goal. I was a very good second semester senior.  So good in fact, that I’m still in Ithaca now.  I did manage to graduate (somehow, not exactly sure how that happened considering my less than stellar academic motivation last spring) but I decided to stick around Ithaca for a year while I figured out what to do with my life. I figured this would also give me a chance to impart some of my wisdom to my younger friends.

The other day, my undergraduate advisor (who no longer advises me about classes but is still great at important life decisions, which is what I really need help with) asked me how I felt about starting my last semester here. I realized I had an opportunity that many people never get: I get to have a second last semester. My first last semester was pretty great, and there’s no reason that this one can’t be as amazing. It might have to be toned down a little bit because sleeping until noon every day is no longer an option, but as I told a senior friend: this is a perfect opportunity for you. You can do all the stupid things you want and call me to pick you up at 2:30am, and I can’t be mad because I remember what it’s like to be lost in the middle of north campus in winter without a coat in the middle of the night!

I’ve been thinking about this all week, so tonight, Annabel and I sat in the Chapter House for two hours to start The List, version 2: things we need to do before graduation that aren’t as stupid as all the things I did last year. Because let’s face it, we did a lot of stupid stuff last year. (See: spring break, the week before spring break, Tuesday of senior week, and Slope Day Eve to name a few dumb experiences.) This year’s list is a little different: everything on here is a realizable goal. These things all can, and will happen. We left certain things off the list, so we wouldn’t taint the sacred document, and we have already started to work on crossing items off.

The List

  1. Ski at Greek Peak, and also go snow tubing.  (This does not mean Rachel will teach anyone to ski, but she will drive them to the mountain and buy them hot chocolate for being a good sport and not forcing her to stand there for an hour as they attempt to go down one slope)
  2. Wine tours! We did a few last year, but there are some wineries that we have not reached yet. Bonus points for visiting a certain Seneca Lake establishment (shoutout to a certain winemaker that everyone who took Understanding Wines and Beers last year has an opinion on)
  3. Go to happy hour at least once a week to catch up on life. Visit every bar in Collegetown as we complete this goal
  4. Play pirate minigolf (and/or galaxy golf)
  5. Get enough people to go paintballing
  6. Race go-karts. (Note to self: wear pants, not skirt)
  7. Visit Canada, just because.
  8. Successfully complete a powerhour or try Rachel and Heather’s 24 in 24. Both of these sound like bad ideas, but that’s what last semesters are all about
  9. Have “pretend your another person” night. Come up with a crazy story and see how long it takes people to realize that you were not raised by wolves in the Alaskan wilderness before becoming a world champion ice fisher and attending Cornell on a dog fighting scholarship
  10. Forget Collegetown- go out on the Commons for a night
  11. Karoke night! “Singing” Journey at 12:55am doesn’t count.

Overall, not a bad list in comparison to last year. A little more tame, but I’m a year older and wiser now, so adjustments need to be made. While I hope my senior friends have an amazing time developing their own aversions to lime jello and tequila, I have already learned these lessons, and I’m happy to watch some activities from the sidelines.

As many of you know, I’m not really into sports.  I do like winter (as long as it’s not too cold) and snow in small doses, and I’ve managed to take up a few “winter sports” along the way.  I love skiing and I’m trying this whole ice skating thing again.  I took a few years of lessons as a kid, but that doesn’t really mean too much.  I tried to play intramurual hockey last year, and I was on the ground more than the puck.  So this year, I’ve enlisted Becky to give me skating lessons, and I am going to try again.  My first lesson didn’t go too badly, but I know once I put on all the padding and hold a stick, I will lose all of my ability to skate around in circles.

I haven't fallen yet!

I haven't fallen yet!

Imaginary hockey stick

Imaginary hockey stick

Snow Angels!

Snow Angels!

The most important news of the day has nothing to do with the economy or Obama’s newest appointment, but one of the biggest academic breakthroughs in years.  No, nobody has cured a disease or (re-)discovered the meaning of life (apparently “42” is not a widely accepted theory,) but there is now an equation that explains procrastination! [Link]


  • U = utility (desire to complete a task)
  • E = expectation of success
  • V = value of completion
  • I = immediacy of the task
  • D = personal sensitivity to delay

This actually makes sense if you think about it.  Rewards over urgency is desire.  At least I can now justify the need to get to the next level in Super Paper Mario instead of mopping the kitchen floor.

I could say something semi-intelligent or interesting here, but I’m not going to. I will come back at some point this weekend and do that, because I do have things to say, but this is more of a quick update because I have not updated in a while, and the other day Heather reminded me that I still have this thing.

Now on to the unimportance:

1. I got twitter! Now I have another website to forget to update!

2. Baby elephant butt. There are no words… actually, there are no words necessary. The picture says it all.


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