Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week

About Me

“I want you to know something… You and me, it’s not gonna be a one-way street. ‘Cause I don’t believe in one-way streets. Not between people, and not while I’m driving… So, here’s some advice I wish I woulda got when I was your age: Live every week like it’s Shark Week.” – 30 Rock

I like smoothies and coloring books. I can quote entire episodes of Friends, and I know every lyric to all 42 songs from the musical Rent.

I don’t separate colors when I do laundry. I fall asleep during action movies. When I was little I wanted to be a garbageman because they get to ride on the back of the truck. I name my foozball players after characters from sitcoms.

I sleep next to my pillow, not on top of it. I use nine fingers when I type. I can touch my nose with my tongue, but I can not touch my tongue to my elbow. Yet.

I’m convinced that almost nothing is impossible. If you try hard enough, you can accomplish anything you want. One of the few exceptions to this rule is things that involve gravity.

I sneeze when I’m too hot, too cold, or have eaten or drank too much. When I get a migrane I take a shower. I’ve been known to stand inside the cold beer storage room at Wegmans when it is very hot outside.

One of my favorite things about skiing is seeing the interesting things that people have left in trees next to the chairlift. Other sports I enjoy include the Apache Relay, sitting on the couch watching exercise videos and thumb wrestling.

My life goals include being on Jeopardy, meeting all five members of ‘N Sync, completeing the New York Times Crossword Puzzle on a Saturday, and drinking 24 beers in 24 hours.

I don’t plan on growing up any time soon, but if I ever do, I want to be a superhero, go-kart racer, professional treasure hunter or a lawyer.


3 Responses to "About Me"

Hey Rachel!

One of my friends steered me to your blog, and I was happy to see that you gave me a shout.

Thanks for watching me on Jeopardy. I had a lot of fun watching the episodes too — I was worried that I’d come off like a smarmy, arrogant jerk, or a HUGE dork, or some kind of beefy frat guy. But so far, all the reactions have been positive.

I’m glad you liked the Connery impression. I think my friends would’ve been disappointed if I’d gone on and NOT done it.

By the way, I’m a huge Times crossword puzzle fan — if you ever need help on a tough clue, drop me a line.

Take care,

You are very funny! Have we maybe had class together? Your name is very familiar.

Hello stranger!
Did you spend a year in Austria as an exchange student, by any chance? Your name and your personal views do fit the sixteen year old girl I knew back then.
All the best, Regina

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