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Oink Oink

Posted on: July 16, 2009

Sorry swine flu is visiting more countries this summer than you.

I officially have nothing funny to add today.  I’m in the middle of my mid-afternoon lethargic phase, so  I’m going to finish my diet coke, maybe find some gelato or something else sugary, and focus for a little while longer.


We all know the real reason you were late today is because you were out dressed like a wizard last night for the Harry Potter premiere.

Um.. almost true story.  If wizards wore sweatpants, it would be right on.

Also: “Today, I dropped my keys. Not wanting to lean over and pick them up, I pointed at them and said “Accio.” Then I realized I had tried to use a Harry Potter spell in real life and in public. FML”

This Bastille Day, lets be even more pretentious about ordering wine.

I can’t really bug Meghan about not updating her blog considering I never update mine, so I figured if I start posting here again, I can go back to bothering her!

Every day at work, I send Meghan an ecard from someecards, and every day, she prints it out and hangs it on the wall!  We decided that it would be a good idea for me to send my blog an ecard every day too, to get me back in the habit of updating.

So happy Bastille Day!  I know I plan on enjoying the bottle of wine it took me 15 minutes to open last night because my corkscrew is broken (another reason to go for the screwcap), and I hope you enjoy your day too!


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