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Winter “Sports”

Posted on: December 12, 2008

As many of you know, I’m not really into sports.  I do like winter (as long as it’s not too cold) and snow in small doses, and I’ve managed to take up a few “winter sports” along the way.  I love skiing and I’m trying this whole ice skating thing again.  I took a few years of lessons as a kid, but that doesn’t really mean too much.  I tried to play intramurual hockey last year, and I was on the ground more than the puck.  So this year, I’ve enlisted Becky to give me skating lessons, and I am going to try again.  My first lesson didn’t go too badly, but I know once I put on all the padding and hold a stick, I will lose all of my ability to skate around in circles.

I haven't fallen yet!

I haven't fallen yet!

Imaginary hockey stick

Imaginary hockey stick

Snow Angels!

Snow Angels!


1 Response to "Winter “Sports”"

Nice pictures!! I too love ice skating… It is my favorite winter sport!!

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