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Procrastination! (I was going to post this yesterday…)

Posted on: December 8, 2008

The most important news of the day has nothing to do with the economy or Obama’s newest appointment, but one of the biggest academic breakthroughs in years.  No, nobody has cured a disease or (re-)discovered the meaning of life (apparently “42” is not a widely accepted theory,) but there is now an equation that explains procrastination! [Link]


  • U = utility (desire to complete a task)
  • E = expectation of success
  • V = value of completion
  • I = immediacy of the task
  • D = personal sensitivity to delay

This actually makes sense if you think about it.  Rewards over urgency is desire.  At least I can now justify the need to get to the next level in Super Paper Mario instead of mopping the kitchen floor.


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