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I could say something semi-intelligent or interesting here, but I’m not going to. I will come back at some point this weekend and do that, because I do have things to say, but this is more of a quick update because I have not updated in a while, and the other day Heather reminded me that I still have this thing.

Now on to the unimportance:

1. I got twitter! Now I have another website to forget to update!

2. Baby elephant butt. There are no words… actually, there are no words necessary. The picture says it all.


Just a quick update, as it is still way too early, and I have some things to do before I actually wake up and start my day. Last night, I found myself reading old e-mails as I searched for a specific one to share with a friend going through a similar situation to one I dealt with. I was amazed to see how many not so great things had happened that I have completely forgotten about. I remember all the big stuff, and when I saw the old e-mails, memories came back like they had happened yesterday.  I was just shocked to see how easy it was to forget the small stuff: the complaints about classes and stresses, too much work and not enough play. This applies to the other side as well. I enjoyed reading about the fun times that I’ve had; remembering moments with old friends when they were still new friends.

So to all my friends, expect some forwarded e-mails from me featuring your past selves. I’m also considering posting the best ones here (identifying information redacted, of course!) so the whole world can see how fun/crazy/dumb/irrational/amazing… we were and still are!

Now I’m off to fight with Mr. Coffee and the hot water knob in my shower.


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